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C21/11, TTC M.I.D.C Area, Pawneshwar Marg, Pawane Village, Pawane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400705, India

Mobile : +91-8879212777

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E-mail : saurabh.potnis@fabrinoxpotnisindia.com

Our Manufacturing Unit :
  • Navi Mumbai Manufacturing plant is one of the largest plant in Mumbai occupying over 10,000 Sq.ft. area. Located in Industrial Area on Thane Belapur Road.
  • Proximity to JNPT and Navi Mumbai Airport.
  • 50 + Highly experienced staff including skilled workers, designers, production managers, accounts, admin and sales executives.
  • 7500 Sq.ft. of double heighted ceiling shop floor area capable to handle multiple big projects at a time.
  • 2500 Sq.ft. of surrounding space capable to carry different works like storing, packing, loading, wielding, buffing etc.
  • A self procured land which reduces the lease cost and is open for modifications whenever required.
  • Tie ups within industrial belt for activities like CNC laser cutting, turret punching, milling operations.
HSE Plan and Security & Safety Plans HSE Policy :
  • Fabrinox recognizes that the protection of the Health Safety and Safety of its employees, clients and others involved is a key responsibility of management.
  • Fabrinox is committed to perform all daily activities in a controlled manner so as to preserve the health and safety of our employees, contractors and customers.
  • Our target is to complete the Projects with ZERO accidents, incidents and injuries.
Health and Safety Objectives :
  • Provision of safe working environment.
  • Identification of Hazards and assessment of risks.
  • Implementation of necessary control measures to ensure that risks are reduced as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) by creating awareness and periodic trainings.
  • Compliance of applicable health and safety legislation and other requirements.
  • Encouragements of suppliers, subcontractors to consider health and safety requirements in their activities.
  • Implementation of this policy is a prime management objective and the responsibility of all employees.
  • Implementation of guidelines set for safety on floor, personal safety, Emergency and Accidents, and Safety at Project Site
QA/QC Plan Quality Plan :
  • Fabrinox defines Quality in terms of successful performance of attributes such as excellence in design, material suitability, manufacturing compliance, workplace efficiency, safety and cleanliness, timely delivery and business process effectiveness that are entrusted to us by our clients.
  • Zero defect and continuous improvement in the quality of product, process and delivery play vital roles ingaining Clients confidence and Fabrinox, being one of the industry pioneers, has been incorporating allpossible measures in establishing standards in all its activities, services, and products.
  • Quality standards practiced by the industry and as prescribed by the Client are always given primeimportance. The company quality policy isprimarily based in accomplishing :
    • Preventing non-conformances reaching to Clients/customers
    • Zero defects in its products and services
    • Achieving Client satisfaction.
Application Areas for Kitchen Equipments Restaurants & QSRs :
  • May it be a Fine Dine Restaurant or a Quick Service Restaurant QSR the set up of the kitchen is an integral part of a restaurant and equivalently important as the selection of the place or the interiors.
  • It is the kitchen set up and the equipments that help the chef convert the innovative thoughts to reality which leads excellent food quality and a long lasting goodwill for the restaurant.
  • The right kitchen equipment can make or break any food service business. One needs make sure to have the equipment that will deliver superior results time and time again that will stand up to the high demands of a busy kitchen environment. In addition, you need a set up that fits your space and capacity needs.
Few Basic Kitchen Equipments required for Restaurant set up :
  • Tables for food preparation.
  • Electrical or GAS equipment for cooking, baking, frying.
  • Refrigerators, freezers, ice machines.
  • Equipment for dish washing.
  • Cabinets, drawers and shelves to store/display dishes
  • From storing, prepping, and cooking to warming, serving, anddisplaying, our restaurant equipment will meet your establishments needs. Offering equipment designed to be functional, durable, and attractive, we would be proud to be your restaurant suppliers.
  • Whether youre looking for a open Kitchen concept or a closed Kitchen were sure that we will supply the commercial restaurant equipment you need. We cater the clients customized needs to suit every kitchen, no matter how large or small.
  • Quality, pricing, deliverance, service is what we believe are the four keys to success and we are confident to offer the same 100% for all our projects.
  • We also provide turnkey consultancy starting from designing of the kitchen till making it fully functional. Thus, we are a one stop solution for all your restaurant kitchen needs.
Hotel Kitchens :
  • Hotel Kitchens are one of the busiest kitchens. These kitchens are functional round the clock and apart from different management skills, success of the operation and better productivity to a great extent lies on the planning and the layout of the kitchen.
  • The competitive environment and experimental guests visiting hotels have made it more challenging for chefs to come up every time with the best of quality, quantity and presentation in food, which directly depends on restaurant cooking equipment. Hence, kitchen equipments have become the backbone of a good dining.
  • This area is the main production unit and has many sections or departments as demanded by the menu and the size of the operation. Foods of different cuisines are prepared here. For the better functioning of the kitchen, it is sometimes divided into sub sections.
Hotel Kitchen Sub Sections :
  • Main Sections/Prep Section
  • Hot-foods section
  • Cold kitchen / Garde Manger
  • Bakery & Confectionery section
  • Banquet section
  • Room Service kitchen
  • Receiving Section
  • Wash Up Section
  • Stores
  • All the above sections need to be well equipped with basic equipments like tables & racks to specialized cooking equipments like Oven, Barbeques, Grill & Griddles, Crepe Machines, bulk cooking boilers and Pans. These equipments will be a mix of imported, locally available and customized equipments. Hence you need an expert to help understand and get what is required.
  • Team Fabrinox are one of the pioneers in meeting this challenge with its vast range of efficiently designed equipment, allowing chefs to create the magic of taste and presentation, consistently. With 35+ years of experience in handling hotel kitchen we are one of the experts and preferred suppliers of the industry.
  • Fabrinox team can help you right from the planning of the kitchen to supply and installation of kitchen equipment. Thus, making us turnkey suppliers for Hotel Projects.
  • We also have a vast experience working with different project consultants and PMCs. We are amongst the preferred vendors for leading consultants. We can supply all the equipments advised by your kitchen consultants as well in need we can also develop new equipment as per consultants needs.
  • Apart from one time installation and set up another important aspect here is service and maintenance during breakdown and after warranty period. We have dedicated service team which will reach you site within hrs of breakdown. Also we take comprehensive and non comprehensive AMC contracts for all the equipments we supply.
Hospital Kitchens :
  • Hospitals provide a great service to the public and unlike Hotel and Restaurant where people visit to have a good meal with friends and family, the purpose of Hospital Kitchens is to cater different type of meals depending on patients health and dietary advices.
  • Apart from being on a larger scale, Hospital Kitchens are also one of the difficult kitchens to manage. Hospital Kitchen departments serve many different populations on a daily basis inpatients, family members, staff members, Doctors, and even event catering for hospital departments. Each population has different needs and tastes. Patients want a meal to comfort and heal their bodies. Staff members need quick grab-and-go options for their breaks. And Doctors may want a more upscale seated meal to enjoy during their off periods. Whereas an event would need a complete lunch or dinner buffet.
  • In addition of providing great medical services Hospitals have the burden of competing with other hospitals for employees and patients. The foodservice facilities are a great way to satisfy hospital staff as well as patients and their visitors. To achieve satisfaction there needs to be a good deal of variety and quality in the food offerings. The main kitchen in a hospital prepares a tremendous amount of food for distribution among the patients as well as for serving to the employees and patients' visitors.
  • May it be batch processing system or made to order meals the Hospital kitchen has to be the most hygienic of all the kitchens and needs to be equipped with various types of best quality kitchen equipments. We are experienced in supplying kitchen equipments in hospitals and our team has the latest technology to set you up with what you need. Patients often have weakened immune systems so every measure must be taken to avoid food-borne illness. Food preparing equipments and Food holding equipments are imperative so the food is cooked and maintains proper temperatures for the patient's sake as well as the employees and visitors.
Industrial Kitchens :
  • The emergence organizations having shifts 24x7 has created the need of bulk cooking in real time. Industrial Kitchen is also among the most complex and dynamic environments for Kitchen designs. These kitchens are operational for long hours most of them facilitating bulk cooking. They tend to serve food to different and large workforce within a stipulated time for food service. This also leaves no room for errors, where delay has no place in such an environment.
  • Having an experience working with small and Multi-National Companies along with top rated PMCs and consultants across the country; Fabrinox Potnis has become an expert in Industrial Kitchen Projects and their integration, enabling the successful programming, design and implementation of specialized fabricated commercial kitchen equipments.
  • Fabrinox Potnis is now recognized as a brand that stands for quality, safety, durability, performance and professional expertise and that has made us one of the preferred vendor amongst the consultants as well.
  • We offer a complete range of commercial kitchen equipments for Industrial kitchen that includes everything from Bulk cooking equipment to dining tables. We manufacture commercial kitchen equipment for Industries with a complete range of gas & electrical operated equipments, includes preparation area, cooking area, dish wash area, refrigeration area, storage area, dining area, etc.
  • Our mission to improve and innovate with every passing year and a 35+ years of experience in the industry has given us a cutting edge with our competitors. We have a separate customer friendly service team who attend all your maintenance queries and the rare occurring breakdown complaints.
Educational Institutes :
  • Nowadays students spend majority of their time in schools and colleges hence, Educational institutions are no longer just a place where students only study. They have become a place where students brainstorm and hangout too along with food. And where there food service there is a requirement of commercial kitchen equipments set up.
  • As the culture of hostel and staying in mess have become common in educational institutions, the need for safe and effective commercial kitchen equipment in canteens have also become a priority for these establishments.
  • It is even more important in the case of educational institutions which are based on cooking, like food craft institutes, hotel management institutes, flight catering institutes, other institutes offering post graduate management courses etc
  • Over the years, Fabrinox Potnis has emerged as a preferred brand amongst consultants and educational institutes by supplying high-quality catering equipment. We have been consistent in delivering best equipment designs, standard appliances as per the requirement and more importantly, customizing the desired needs of an institution.
Club House Kitchens :
  • Housing is one of the hottest topics not only in India but all around the world. These days apart from a good locality and actual house the purchasers are looking for the additional amenities that provided by the builders. Residential clubhouse becomes a selling gimmick of the private housing. The selling price of each unit can be set higher if there is a clubhouse in the private housing complex. Furthermore the buyers also tend to invest in the property with luxury residential clubhouse more nowadays in order to keep the property value in the market and arouse their self -esteem as well.
  • In recent years club houses not only is a place to spend time chatting or enjoying a game with your family and friends. Nowadays with luxury living in trend club houses provide high end food facilities as well. And where food facility is provided Fabrinox Potnis is there for supply of kitchen Equipments.
  • Depending upon the size and capacity, club houses can provide ready to serve food or might have cooking facilities available. The club house kitchens can consist of electric as well Gas equipments, Bar equipments, Refrigerators, fryers, grillers, Display cabinets, ovens etc. We can offer designing as well as cater to all your kitchen equipment requirements.
  • Fabrinox Potnis has grown in stature having the knowledge and expertise to work with different sets of clients.
Application Areas for Hygiene Equipments Pharma, Food Processing, Dairy Industry & Breweries :
  • Hygiene in manufacturing is vital for protecting public health and wellbeing, as well as ensuring product quality.
  • Manufacturing hygiene aims to prevent product contamination which may occur through the introduction of unwanted materials, substances or microorganisms into a manufactured good or process. Good hygiene practices reduce the likelihood of the introduction, spread and multiplication spoilage organisms in the manufacturing environment. This protects the health of consumers as they use manufactured products, as well as the health of industrial workers.
  • Obviously, different industry sectors also have different hygiene requirements depending on the nature of the products being manufactured. Hygiene is of paramount importance in food, beverage and pharmaceuticals production where products are ingested or applied directly to the body.
  • These different stages have different hygiene requirements, so appropriate procedures need to be established, documented and monitored for each stage. However, there are two main areas of manufacturing hygiene that can be focused on across these stages :
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Building & Equipment hygiene.
  • One of the most vital Personal Hygiene includes Hand Washing as contaminated hands will spread bacteria around very quickly. Proper Hand Washing includes facilities, procedures and quality hand washing products.
  • Federal mandates require that sinks are available for employee hand washing in all Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals areas.
  • Our Knee Operated, Foot Operated and Sensor Operated Hand wash Stations are one of the best sellers in the industry. We quality and finish that can compete the international standards yet cost effective we have been selling these hand wash stations in various Food, Beverage and Pharma industries.
  • We can offer you different variants like single person, two or three person stations as per your requirement. We have supplied these hand wash stations across India to various industries and we are the best and most preferred suppliers for Hand Wash Stations.

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